Chrislip: 'I don't deny myself anything'

Oct 9, 2012

This past week I hit my swim goal of 60 25-yard laps! I’m stoked enough to set another goal: 1 mile or 72 laps. Once I hit a mile, I’ll work on speed. I’m feeling really proud of everyone in the FIT Challenge.

We all seem to have goals that are not focused on how many pounds we lose, but how far can we push ourselves. Oct. 7 was the three-month check-in day. Leah is spinning; gotta say I’m impressed. I don’t care how many calories you burn that spin bike is evil. Keisa is focused on her studies and close to graduation, but still makes time to work out. AND Steve has lost 50 pounds in three months. I can’t even imagine; you must be eating nothing but greens.

I’ve said from the start I am in this to make a lifestyle change that I can stick with. So far I still believe slow and steady will win the race for me. I’ve done nothing but watch my calorie intake and increase my exercise; all things I can stick with. I don’t deny myself anything as long as I can find a way to make it fit in the calories for the day.

I will say with the increased intensity of my workouts, I am HUNGRY. I’m glad I kinda figured out the types of foods that are low in calories and filling before this hungry girl emerged. I was a little worried about my eating habits once the weather turned colder. This is the time of year I really kind of enjoy slowing down; catching up on a good book I didn’t have time for in the summer and trying new recipes.

I did find myself at the farmers' market this week and discovered I really like butternut squash soup. I have never cooked squash and was never a big fan. I did pick up a butternut squash and added apples, dried cranberries, olive oil, cinnamon, nutmeg and honey. Think baked apples ... it was soooo good. My husband Bruce gave it a thumbs-up. This is HUGE from my meat-eating, no-veggie-kinda guy.

Good luck to all and here’s to another week of fulfilling our dreams.