Chrislip: 'Careful what you wish for'

Oct 16, 2012

This past week we started surf training, oh my. I must say my body has never moved like this.

After completing my 72-lap goal Oct. 9 (one mile YEAH), the next day my YMCA personal trainer Joyce Niedzwiecki had completed her research on training for surfing, and I was the guinea pig. Well my back and shoulders have been screaming at me ever since!

Training for surfing is all about balance, core and shoulders. Everything has a counter weight. I’m laying flat on my back and I have a 10-pound medicine ball in my hands over my head and then come up into a V sit, touching the medicine ball to my shins.  Next balance ball pushups, then in a pushup position roll the ball in eventually into an inverted V.

Oh and do 15 burpees in-between. Did I mention these are side planks with a balance ball between your legs (I’m not quite there yet, did side planks with opposite arm straight up). Yikes! Careful what you wish for, it took me until Sunday to feel like I could work my upper body again.

I’m so glad I have the opportunity to be part of the FIT Challenge and gear up before December. Oh yeah, surfer girl here I come. It just may take me a little longer to get there than what I thought. I have muscles in my back that I never knew were there. Believe me, I know now!