Riedy: 'I can feel the changes in my body'

FIT Staff
Jul 25, 2013

Moving into Week 4 of my weight loss journey, and feeling good. This past week was a breakthrough for me.

Last weekend, with it being River Fest, I decided to let myself cheat and have some fair food.

That was an awful Idea. I was down for a day and a half, sick from the greasy foods. My body can’t handle those foods anymore.

This is great, but was not a fun thing to learn. I missed a day of work and a day out of my workouts. I know I won't be doing that again.

I’ve also learned that my daily routine is coming together. Remembering to take my vitamins in the morning, eating the proper things at the right time of day and being sure that I’m prepared for the day.

I have a fairly busy schedule, so it takes a lot of pre-planning for me to accomplish my daily goals.

Every day, I’m learning and it's great. working with Freddy Palomo at Health & Strength. He has already taught me so much.

I’m confident that when this is over, win or lose, I will have honed the skills to continue this on past the contest and finally get myself down to a healthy weight.

Freddy and I moved to core strength exercises this past week. That was rough, but it felt so good to finish them.

I’ve never sweated so much in my life.

With the excessive heat this past week, I was a sweating machine.  However, I made it through, as tired as I was from working in the heat all day and then rushing off to the gym.

I felt proud that I did it all. A few months ago I’d have just come home and laid in the A/C and ate junk food.

I can feel the changes in my body as well. I feel more energized, I find myself getting up and finding things to do.

I used to be able to sit around the house, watching TV, playing computer games or just lounging all day.

Now, I find that I get very antsy and in fear of eating out of boredom, I get up and get moving.

I’m also noticing that my clothes are beginning to fit differently.  Friends and family that go a week or two without seeing me tell me that I look better and better each time they see me. That is what keeps me going: the constant compliments and praise.

Coming next month I will be starting back up with school. It is going to be tough to keep up with my schedule, but I can do it and I just keep telling myself that.