Trainer says FIT Challenger needs to work on 'mental aspect'

FIT Staff
Apr 6, 2014

FIT Challenger Trina Crosland is seeing great improvement in her weight loss and flexibility.

I’m trying to instill in her a positive attitude toward her life outside of the gym.

She sees too much negativity outside of the gym, and I can see it hindering her outlook toward her goals and weight loss.

Trina has to do this for herself and no one else!

She tries not to disappoint me in her workouts and is still progressing, but it’s all about the mental aspect of the challenge now.

She has to continue to work out after the challenge ends and that’s what all the trainers are trying to do — making fitness a lifestyle for our clients.

We can teach them hundreds of exercises, but if they don’t have that drive and persevere through the challenge then health and fitness will not happen.

You have to have goals, whether big or small, to stay motivated!

I’m proud of Trina and the transformation she is working toward, but I want to see Trina walk in after this experience is finished and know how to work out and see improvements by herself.

Devotion and loving yourself will get you there. Trying something new every day and seeing what you are made of will take you to new heights! Take a step in a new direction each day.


Brandi Barhite

Great work!