FIT Challenger is stronger mentally, physically

FIT Staff
Jun 15, 2014
Trina is doing amazing. I'm so proud of her and the bridges that she has crossed through our journey these past five months. 
FIT Challenger Trina Crosland hasn't missed a day or given up on any part of our workouts. She is stronger mentally and physically. 
She is starting to see the changes from starting at 314 pounds and going down to 247 pounds. 
I want her to hit this 100-pound weight loss goal that I set for her the first day we met. I told her that was our goal.
I promised Trina these next six months were going to change her life and give her new opportunities for the better. 
She has become my friend these past months, and I only want the best for her. I try to give her 100 percent every time we work out together. 
She has such a big heart and she is doing something very few can accomplish alone. 
I know she will continue this journey after the FIT Challenge is finished. She has all the support from our family at Health & Strength Gym. We are so proud of her.