Webb wants to be down 30 lbs by mid-March

FIT Staff
Feb 18, 2014

The FIT Challenge is going good for me.

I am down 18 pounds since I started in mid-January.

My goal is to lose 30 pounds by the middle of March and then set a new goal for myself.

Last week I couldn't work out because I was in a lot of pain with my chest. I had bronchitis, By Thursday and Friday, I was OK, but still in pain, so I had to push myself to work out.

This week is going be a lot better for me. Can't wait to work out with my trainer, Ken Cutcher of Anytime Fitness in Huron.



Hmmm, no reflection on any of these fine people involved in this as they are to be commended for their hard work but all the PR on this Fit challenge is so boring to the majority of us. The SR has pages and pages in the paper on this and not sure if its to fill space etc. Maybe its just me but I think this stuff needs to between these people and their trainers and not all over Erie County to read in the paper. Maybe it's just me though.