Food choices are getting easier for Webb

FIT Staff
Feb 25, 2014
Hello all!
I am doing great with the FIT Challenge.
I am feeling a lot better than I was last week.
I am down 25 pounds since I started on Jan. 15. I set my goal to lose 30 pounds by the middle of March.
I am hoping I will beat that goal and then I will set another goal.  
I want to thank my trainer, Ken Cutcher of Anytime Fitness in Huron, for his help showing me new stuff every week.
The food choices are getting a lot better for me.
Just the other day I did buy me a candy bar, but it didn't taste right to me and actually made me sick to my stomach.
My trainer is getting me ready for the 5K in May.
Some things I can do on the treadmill at the gym . Right now he is having me walk for 2 minutes and then run for 1 minutes and try to do that two or three times. 



Keep up the good work, Scott. You're doing great!