Webb obliterates his first goal

FIT Staff
Mar 4, 2014

Everything is going well. I beat my goal of 30 pounds.

That goal was set for the middle of March, but I hit that goal the last week of February so that made me feel really good.

I have been working out by myself for one hour after I get off work.

When I not with Ken Cutcher of Anytime Fitness in Huron,  I am running on the treadmill to get ready for the 5K in May.

Since I hit my goal of 30 pounds, I am setting my next goal to lose 10 more pounds by the second week of April.



Woo Hoo! Awesome job, Scott! Keep up the good work. No stopping you now!


Rock on, Scott. One step at a time. Many are looking up to you. WTG! Never lose sight of your goals and you WILL succeed!

Estrella Damm

Good work Scott. I do have a question, has Cutcher not had his person win this at anytime?

Brandi Barhite

Estrella, Ken Cutcher has had two FIT Challenge winners: Alan Furey and Steve Wilson.