Webb might have torn his meniscus

FIT Staff
Mar 26, 2014

Hey all!I am doing OK.

I hurt my knee from running fast on the treadmill. I lost my balance and turned my knee wrong.

It has been hurting me for a good month now, but just the past weeks, I can really feel the pain.  

I been to the doctor about it and I have to do physical therapy. Hopefully, that will help. If not, then I have to go back and get a MRI done because they think I tore my meniscus.

But these things are not stopping me from working out.

I am still working hard and going to the gym at Anytime Fitness.

I am also walking and running until the point I can't take the pain. I am not giving up because of the pain.  

On the other hand, I have been stressed for a few days and I did gain 1 pound. I am not happy at all and I am mad at myself.

However, all my friends and family told me not to worry because I will lose it.