Webb 'bored' as he recovers from knee surgery

FIT Staff
Jun 24, 2014

I had my surgery on Friday for my meniscus.

It went great; it took 45 minutes.

I had side effects from the anesthesia that made me have a terrible headache.

I am tired of not doing anything and just sitting here bored.  

I go to see the doctor on Friday so he can take out the stitches and also tell me what I will be able to do or not do.

I hoping I can go to the gym Friday after my doctor appointment at 1. If not, I am hoping by Monday I can go.

The FIT Challenge is almost over and I am running out of time and I am going miss working out with Ken Cutcher at Huron Anytime Fitness, but we talked about me still coming and working out there.  

I am doing great with the weight loss; I am down 4 more pounds and I am very excited about that.

In September, I am going to do the Color Run 5K that is coming to Sandusky. I can't wait to run it with some friends.