12:27 PM Jan 6, 2014

The FIT Challenge program has ended, but my fit program will continue.

I lost 25 pounds and went down two pants sizes.

Brian Feltner, the winner of the program, and I met today and talked about continuing on with our weight-loss processes.

12:09 PM Dec 30, 2013

Happy New Year!

I would like to wish good luck to all of you getting ready to start the FIT Challenge!!!!! 

Getting into shape is a challenge mentally and physically. 

I wanted to join this program because of my battle of weight loss over the past several years. 

12:16 PM Dec 23, 2013

What a week!

Four Xmas parties!

Why would I write that you may ask? 

Dieting and finding time to workout during the holidays are so hard. 

I packed workout clothes and kept them in my car to make it easy, but the holidays took over my time this past week. 

11:48 AM Dec 16, 2013

I cant believe I have three more weeks left of the FIT Challenge. 

12:10 PM Dec 9, 2013

I just arrived back from 12 days of travels, which included Thanksgiving , my birthday and trip to Florida to have my family Xmas.

All the celebration included FOOD!!!!!! 

12:15 PM Dec 2, 2013

I made it through Thanksgiving and my birthday with only a 2-pound weight gain.

That will be taken off easy since it was a three-day celebration and I normally do not eat like that.

12:16 PM Nov 25, 2013

The FIT Challenge has five more weeks left.

This is becoming harder and harder for me.

The past two weeks have been so busy with preparing for my upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas.

12:00 PM Nov 18, 2013

I finally got WONDERFUL NEWS this past week! I can now do lower body workouts.

I'm so happy that I can start back on my fitness plan.

I will not be able to do upper body for at least 5 months. 

12:07 PM Nov 11, 2013

The FIT Challenge has really changed my life so much,

My weight is down and my recent lab work has improved. 

I'm looking at food in a more healthy way and learning to NOT use food as a STRESS reducer.  

12:33 PM Nov 4, 2013

I am so glad November is here; October was a challenging month for me.

I had a major biking accident with surgery, and this week came down with pneumonia and laryngitis. 

November started with the welcoming return of my Norwalk Rec trainer, Hannah Riley, from Africa.