Adler loves working out with personal trainer

FIT Staff
Sep 16, 2013

It is amazing to feel so much better from a two-week illness and to get back on the exercise track.

I did strength training four times this past week and added some balancing with core strength. 

My Norwalk Rec trainer Hannah Riley knows what I need to be fit.

On Wednesday, I was have some balancing difficulties with some different strength training so we switched it up and added balance into the program.

I enjoy working with Hannah because it all about pushing me in a positive attitude.

If something not working for me then we change it so that I'm getting the full workout.

My mother is visiting from Florida for two weeks so it's been fun to have her come to the gym and watch me work out.

My weight loss this month has been a challenge with a two-week illness and some traveling. 

I have been eating out more and that has put a stop to any weight loss.

BUT my exercises has paid off because  I'm down a size in shirts and pants. 

This month I will cut back on eating out so I can reach my goal.

I really enjoy working out so that has never be a problem. Plus having a wonderful trainer is a big part of making this successful. 

I'm off now for my 16-mile bike ride.  Loving this journey.    


Fit or Fat

An epiphany:
The scale is the worst piece of equipment in a gym. The earth's gravitational pull is not a measure of fitness. Setting cardiovascular fitness aside; the most important measure of fitness is the relationship of body fat to total body weight. A woman whose body fat is over 30% is considered obese. You can actually loose a great deal of weight and end up with a high % of body fat and still be obese. Obesity leads to many diseases like diabetes and atheroclerosis. Fat emits deadly inflammation.
No matter how far we humans have come we are still animals. We need to develope and maintain our muscle. In the overall health arena muscle is obligatory. Muscle releases substances to help fight disease. Muscle protects our spine and joints by helping carry weight.
Loose inches, have your body fat measured, train your cardiovascular system, eat a lot of protein, vegs, fruits; and cut way back on high glycemic index carbs, and take supplements ( all with your doctor's approval )
Remeber there is no genetic predisposition to end up in in a handicap scooter!