Adler says it's not always about how much weight you lose

FIT Staff
Sep 23, 2013

What a cool fall day!!!

Great day for a jog to prepare for the upcoming FIT Challenge 5K.

My trainer, Hannah Riley of Norwalk Rec, wants me to be able to jog at least 2 miles of it.

My goal is jog, fast walk, jog, fast walk. My trainer will be leaving in three weeks for Africa so our training will be strength and preparing for 5K.

Hannah is my driving force; it's amazing how she pushes me in our workout sessions.

I have to laugh how I continually hear the phrase '"Did I say stop?"  or "Do five more," AND sometimes I'll do seven more just to show her up.

We both enjoy what we are doing so it such a positive experience.

This past week we worked out at my home; this shows you, you can work out anywhere. Check out my pictures in this week's paper to see what we did.     

My mother was in town for two weeks so eating out with friends and family did hurt my weight loss, but I did get in my workouts, which led to some inches lost and now I'm down two pant sizes.  

I have lost 20 pounds, but sometimes in this journey it's not always about the lost of pounds, but the overall health and body change.

My own personal goal was to learn and have fun in what I'm doing for this six-month journey. 

Can't wait to see my friends at our next picture day. Good luck this week and HAVE FUN!!!



Re: "Dear seniors, your Medicare benefits aren't changing under the Affordable Care Act."

Is that along the lines of the falsehood of: If you like your plan you can keep it?

Confusion and misinformation; seems to be what the Obama Administration tends to spread best.