Adler can't do upper body workouts for four months

FIT Staff
Oct 14, 2013

Home from the hospital, what a life-changing event.

On Oct. 5, I was riding my bike with my friend for a 20-mile bike ride.

The last three miles it started to rain hard.

As I was traveling over a railroad track, my tires slipped and I went flying in the air with my RIGHT arm out in front of me. (I'm right handed, no new hair styles for me) lol 

Firelands ER sent me home thinking I just broke my arm.

After two days of SUFFERING, I had a appointment with my orthopedic doctor. Surgery was set for the next morning.

The following was done:

1. Cut open from neck down to my arm

2. Plates and screws placement on my right humerus 

3. Rotator cuff repair

4. Right biceps repair

5. Muscle movement and repair  

Now is the waiting game,

I need to get my pain ended and my whole body strength back.  Then comes months of therapy.

At the hospital, the occupational therapist worked with me and I started to cry.

This was not of pain, but the sadness that I feel of starting all over again, just pick up something so light as a fork. 

I feel sadness that I let down my trainer and Norwalk Rec. 

BUT today is a new day and I will recover.

I made out a shopping list for my husband and will have friends come over to assist in cooking up some low-calorie and health meals.

Today, I can start taking walks outside and in three weeks start using treadmill and stationary bike at Norwalk Rec.

No upper body workouts for at least three-four months.

My food journal is out and ready to go.




No one was let down, it was just an accident. At least you were out there doing something good for yourself. If an accident had to happen, this was better than laying at home, choking to death on potato chips! Speedy recovery to you...keep up the great efforts and come back stronger than ever. TEAM SHARON!