Adler needs time to recover

FIT Staff
Oct 28, 2013

Sunday was the FIT CHALLENGE 5K and my first 5K to participate in.

Due to my bike fall that included surgery and a three-day hospital stay, I was unable to jog as planned.

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My husband and friend came out to support me with this walk.

This walk did leave me with a lot of pain to my injury, causing me to attend therapy on Monday with a setback.

I really enjoyed the day and my new love of exercising so this walk made me feel like I was going to move forward one step. 

Now realize that I do need this time to recover.

I have lost weight by keeping a daily food dairy.

I have to keep my calorie intake low since I'm unable workout.

I have had some setbacks with food due to sadness and frustration that this accident happened when I was given this GREAT OPPORTUNITY.

I will continue to move forward on this health journey and strive to reach my goal.