Adler OK with criticism from trainer

FIT Staff
Dec 30, 2013

Happy New Year!

I would like to wish good luck to all of you getting ready to start the FIT Challenge!!!!! 

Getting into shape is a challenge mentally and physically. 

I wanted to join this program because of my battle of weight loss over the past several years. 

I now have a new love for working out and have learned different ways to workout.

Since my accident I have had to come up with different ways to move this 53-year-old body.

Recently, I have started back to swimming and now I have to use a noodle to rest my arm, but I'm still moving my body.

On Dec. 23, I swam for an hour and half. 

On Dec. 29, I walked my dog and even did a little run down a hill holding my arm so it would not bounce.

Then I went and bought some dance workout DVDs since I can't use weights yet. 

The past two mornings I made protein shakes with spinach in them and even went out with friends and made good choices. 

I knew this would be a challenge and I would have ups and downs.

I'm still planning to continue with my own challenge and lose the last 30 pounds.

YES, I wish I would have liked to loss more, but I'm only human and not perfect that's why I did the program.  

I want to lose the 30 pounds so that I will feel better physical and mentally about myself and for my daughter's upcoming wedding in nine months. 

I was amazed  how many people follow this FIT Challenge.

Recently, I have  had strangers approach me about some of the things that were said by my trainer in the paper.

I just want to say that if my trainer stated she was disappointed in me then maybe she should be! 

Yes , the holidays and some personal concerns got me MENTALLY OUT of the program.

YES, I'm back in a heading toward the right direction, even though the program will be over this week. 

I'm not hurt or upset to those that felt some negative things were written. 

My life can get off track, but I'm back on and hope that you all we see a new me in the future. 

Thanks again Hannah Riely, Norwalk Rec and Sandusky Register for letting me learn and grow with this weight-loss challenge.