Adler thanks trainer, Norwalk Rec

FIT Staff
Jan 6, 2014

The FIT Challenge program has ended, but my fit program will continue.

I lost 25 pounds and went down two pants sizes.

Brian Feltner, the winner of the program, and I met today and talked about continuing on with our weight-loss processes.

We will keep in touch through Facebook and plan on seeing each other in six months at the next 5K for the FIT program.

My goal is to loss 30 pounds by that time.

I'm sad the program has ended. 

I met a wonderful friend Hannah Riley (my Norwalk Rec trainer) and we plan on getting together to do some walking when the ice melts. 

Sunday, I took my first spinning class; it was fun even though I had to end after 20 minutes due to my arm and shoulder pain. 

But it did not end there; I got on the treadmill and stepper. 

I even got out in the cold and took my dog for a walk. 

I will continue to work out and eat healthy. 

I have set another goal and will continue to lose in my weight-loss journey.  

Thank you Norwalk Rec!!!!!  

THANK YOU HANNAH for your support and knowledge in this weight-loss program.



Great job Sharon! Even with having a major injury you proved that diet and low impact exercise makes a huge difference! Keep it up!