Adler loves the variety at Norwalk Rec

FIT Staff
Jul 8, 2013

One week in, and all I can say is I LOVE THIS! 

My trainer Hannah Riley and the Norwalk Rec Center are wonderful.

 I am the oldest participant in this challenge, and Hannah is the youngest (only 20!), but we get along wonderfully and work together great. 

My family & friends have been amazing.  My co-workers are so engaged in my process. 

My mother and daughter call regularly from Florida.  My son called me from his vacation!  

Even high school friends that I haven't heard from in years have contacted me and encouraged me through Facebook!  This helps me so much throughout the week.

This past week was about learning what I should and should not be eating. 

Hannah even made me a food list.  She is really into organic and natural foods, and I have loved her suggestions.  

I have been to the Norwalk Rec Center four times this week to work out.  There are so many things to do there.  Weights, machines, treadmill, classes, swimming.  I feel like a kid in a candy store~or maybe I should say farm market!

Hannah will be on vacation next week, so I have already planned on Zumba classes, swimming and working out on some of the machines. 

I am encouraged to see my stamina improving.  I have already gone on a 2 mile bike ride, and today Hannah had me jogging!


Mr. Touchdown

Look good in your pic..Looking forward to seeing your "after" pic. The trick is struggling through your workouts when you don't feel like doing it. Aside from looking better...the extra energy u get from working it is awesome!Good Luck!