Carb therapy costs Adler a few pounds

FIT Staff
Jul 22, 2013

Although the first three weeks of this Challenge have been exciting and fun,  this past week has, by far, been my most frustrating. 

What happened? 


You know, those little stressers that steal your focus and get you off track. 

For me, the fix has always been food.  One night of carb therapy cost me 3 of the pounds I'd worked so hard to lose. 

AND it took me two days of hard labor (brutal workouts) to lose them again. 

I haven't lost the number of pounds I had originally wanted to by this point, and the frustration kicked in.

So, I had to have a little talk with myself and get my focus back on 1.) how much I have already benefited from the changes I've made in my lifestyle; and 2.) where to go from here.  

Even without drastic weight loss, I am better.  My energy level is higher, and my fibromyalgia pain is way down. 

This is a surprise! I was afraid all the physical activity would make it worse.  Maybe another reason the pain has lessened is that I'm not eating white flour or processed sugar anymore.  Whatever the reason, I feel great! 

Which encourages me to keep on going. My trainer, Hannah Riley of the Norwalk Rec, met with me to discuss food choices.  I'm still tracking my calories in and burned, and still enjoying working out at the Norwalk Rec and my long bike rides.

 We are only three weeks into this ... we have months to go. 

I have a lot of strikes against me ... middle age, thyroid issues, the fibromyalgia.  But maybe slow and steady wins the race...who knows?



Your "carb therapy" was just a little blip...Glad to see you are back on track and have a positive outlook. You can do this!


While tracking your weight loss can be exciting, remember the real reason to cut out refined sugar, flour, wheat and processed food is not weight loss, but overall health. It is a proven fact that Yudkin was right and Keys was wrong - fat is not the cause of heart disease - refined carbs are. By limiting your refined carb intake, you are reducing inflammation and blood pressure in your body. This is the reason I've been eating this way since January and the reason I'm going to continue to eat a paleo diet (not strictly paleo, but close enough to classify it as such) for the rest of my life.

Congrats on your accomplishments thus far!