Adler inspired by out-of-state support

FIT Staff
Jul 29, 2013

We have now finished the fourth week of the FIT Challenge! 

It was great to meet with the other challenge participants this past Saturday afternoon.  Each of us are having our own set of struggles and successes, and it was so motivating to get together and encourage each other. 

Nick Riedy was especially inspiring as he shared with us that, yes, this is a "contest", but if we all come out healthier and more fit, we all win.    I feel that we are more of a team than divided contestants.

My personal support system is still strong.  An out-of-state friend visited me this weekend and was out riding bikes with me early every morning.

I did pretty well sticking to my eating plan this weekend, too, even though we were out for dinner and shopping.  My mom, who lives in Florida, keeps up with my blogs and progress, and has offered to buy me new shoes before the FIT 5K in the fall.

I am pleased with my lost weight and inches so far.  One of my best tools has been a digital bracelet that records my calories burned (both active and inactive) , my steps, my sleep pattern (how much was deep sleep and how much was restless sleep).  I have to plug in my calories, but this really helps me be sure I am consuming fewer calories than I am burning.