Adler balances personal life with weight-loss journey

FIT Staff
Aug 5, 2013

We are into Week 5, and I'm still loving this FIT Challenge!

I have met two wonderful team members (can't wait to meet the third).

Everyone has such great motivation for this challenge and wants to make this a TEAM  plan.

I love reading everyone's Facebook comments and the daily  insights of their weight loss journey.

This past week has had some challenges: 1 pound lost after daily workouts and a wonderful eating plan.

I'm keeping a journal so I just can't understand the lack of weight loss.  

The second challenge has been planning all my daily task into one day. Work, home chores, yard work, wash, grocery shopping, dog walks and planning time with my fabulous hubby.

Now, I'm planning date night since most evenings I'm working out.

Friday was dinner and movie.

It was amazing how I didn't order bread and asked for dressing on the side for my salad and only ate a one-fourth of my butter and sour cream for my baked potato.

No butter dipping for my crab legs. Yes, I did feel bad not working out that night, but I have to balance my life and weight-loss journey. 

My weight loss is slow and steady - but I sure can tell my clothes are getting looser. I started the baggy butt look! HA HA