Trainer tries to get FIT contestant in the gym on a regular basis

FIT Staff
Nov 30, 2013
We are nearing the end of the fitness competition, and FIT Challenger Brian Feltner has seen some positive results in weight loss and overall health.
I am proud of Brian for completing his first 5K and he has already committed to running another 5K in the near future.
This is a very important step in continuing his fitness journey. Setting goals and looking forward to what is ahead will help you to work hard today.
I was able to get Brian back into the gym two weeks ago and we had a good workout with the TRX bands.
The TRX is a suspension trainer that forces you to keep your core muscles engaged in order to keep upright in any given exercise.
The use of your own body weight and easy adjustments by body positioning makes the TRX beneficial to anyone.
Brian is still working overtime and has explained to me his frustration with not being able to get to the gym.
He and I would both like to get back to working out together two or three days a week.
This is very important because it is difficult to push Brian hard through a workout when he hasn’t been in the gym on a consistent basis.
Anyone who has ever been in a workout routine and took a break knows how tough it is to get back into that routine. You are the sorest through those first couple workouts.
It’s been a process of trying to start over with Brian. Almost every time he comes in we have to try and ease back into it. My hopes are, with what we have left of this FIT Challenge, we can get into a regular routine and be able to see what
Brian is truly capable of.
Brian and I set a goal for him to be at 110 pounds of weight loss by the end of the competition.
This is not out of reach if I can get him back into a normal cardio and resistance routine.
Best of luck to all the contestants and have a good holiday everyone!