FIT Challenger Jen Gardin brings energy, willingness to workouts

FIT Staff
Jan 26, 2014
On Jan. 15, I met my new FIT contestant, Jen Gardin.
She was a little nervous about getting started, but is very enthusiastic about the opportunity that she has.
After Jen was familiarized with the equipment, she started off Day 1 by doing some cardio on her own.
I’m very pleased to say every day since Jen has made it into NOMS to work on her cardio.
Our first workout together was Jan. 17. We went through a circuit routine of using weights, TRX and cardio exercises.
I was impressed with how quickly Jen completed the three rounds of this circuit. We were able to keep Jen’s rest time to 15-20 seconds between sets.
If she can bring that energy and willingness to work every day for the next six months, Jen will see some great results.