FIT Challenger is pushing for that extra rep

FIT Staff
Mar 9, 2014
We are now about  a month and a  half into the FIT  Challenge. 
Jen has made some great  progress in breaking many  of her physical and mental  barriers. 
When Jen and I first  started working together she  was a little timid in pushing  past her comfort zone. 
This is very common with people who are new to working out.
In order to get results you must change your routine and work harder as you continue to improve.
If a workout isn’t pushing you out of your comfort  zone you aren’t going to  reach your potential or get the best results. 
Toward the end of February I noticed a different approach from Jen, though. She is now being more aggressive in our workouts, pushing for that  extra rep.
It’s going above and beyond expectations that gets the best results.
I love the ready-to-go, positive attitude Jen brings  to the NOMS Fitness Center  day in and day out. 
Our goal for this next month is to get Jen down another 10 pounds, and I also would love to get her involved in some of our spin and circuit classes.
Jen has already taken a TRX class and kept up just fine and seemed to enjoy it. I think Jen would really benefit in a group fitness setting with the social aspect and getting that extra push from other gym members.
I am pleased with the progress Jen has made so far, and even more excited for the progress I know she can make in the future.