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FIT Staff
May 24, 2013

I hit my 40-pound mark this past week!  

It is still crazy to think that I've lost that much weight in fewer than five months.  

We have all done an amazing job.  

It feels like a normal part of life now so hopefully not only will I keep it off, but keep losing.

 I'm almost to my halfway mark of my goal of losing 100 pounds.

 I understand it will take time, patience and a lot of hard work, but it will be worth it.

This past weekend is one of my most challenging since starting.

m down in Columbus for Rock on the Range.  It's a three-day concert event at the Crew Stadium ... so there is stadium food.

You aren't allowed to bring food in so we are trying to eat a filling, healthy lunch,and luckily they have Subway inside.  

The hardest part is avoiding the calories from the adult beverages, but I know I can do it!  With so little time left on the competition, it's all about buckling down.

My workouts obviously won't be the usual.  I tried to get a good workout in Friday morning before we left and I woke up Saturday to go run, but it was pouring.  Hopefully, I'll get out Sunday for a run.



Stephanie, keep up the good work! You are doing a great job and look awesome!

Carla Ontko