Strickfaden: Challenge has been a gift

FIT Staff
Jun 28, 2013

This will be published on our last day of the challenge! 

I can’t believe how incredibly fast the time flew by. 

The challenge has been not only an amazing experience, but also a gift for which I can never say thank you enough. 

To start, thank you for the Register for choosing me, my family and friends for motivating me, and the biggest thanks goes to my personal trainer Clare Loy.  She has truly inspired me to change my life.  Although we have not always agreed on things and have had our ups and downs, I can truly say I could not have done this without her.   I know that I not only gained a fitness pal, but also a friend.

Of all weeks to have really struggled, this past week has probably been one of my biggest diet downfalls. 

While my workouts have been even more intense and I’ve pushed myself to go to the gym at least twice a day, I’ve found myself not watching what I’m eating a few days. 

Part of my issue is I have always been an emotional eater and this week was Father’s Day and my wedding anniversary.

If you know me or have been following my story, I lost my father when I was 20 years old.  No matter how many years pass, it never really gets any easier. 

On top of that, my husband is in Afghanistan and due to Army obligations, we have not been together three of the past four wedding anniversaries.  I thank him immensely though for his courage and dedication and realize that his job as a soldier comes first.

However, this final week I’m going to give it all I’ve got.  This doesn’t mean that I’m only dieting and working out for one more week either. 

This is a lifestyle change and the challenge doesn’t end here for me.  I have an ultimate goal of -100 pounds.  Hopefully in the near future, I’ll be able to follow up with the Register FIT Challenge with a success story of meeting that goal!


Alan Furey

Steph - Your continuous drive and determination pushed me to work harder and ultimately helped me reach my 69 pounds lost. We have formed an incredible bond and I will be sad when you move to Texas, but happy you get to be with the love of your life again! I look forward to hearing about your 100 pound weight loss!