1:00 PM Dec 27, 2012

We had our final challenge this past week at the YMCA.  I worried all week about swimming. I tried to swim the first length on my back kicking like crazy.

1:22 PM Dec 20, 2012

Can you say, "Glad it's almost over?" The second half of the year has got to be harder than the first six months.

5:06 PM Dec 13, 2012

The FIT Challenge is almost over. I think all of us (the contestants) have come a long way. I hope my healthy eating and exercise will become a way of life for me.

1:23 PM Dec 6, 2012

I had Thanksgiving weekend off and always seem to gain weight when that happens. What made it worse was that I got an email from FIT editor Brandi that it was my turn to get weighed this week; I thought it would be Keisa White, another contestant.

12:59 PM Nov 29, 2012

Had another first this week. I entered a 5K on Thanksgiving Day. The Turkey Dash sponsored by The Gym in Huron .

12:38 PM Nov 22, 2012

Talk about excitement. Sugar-free Jello was on sale this past week at Schilds IGA! My wife Linda bought about 12 boxes.   

1:44 PM Nov 15, 2012

I enjoyed my three-day weekend, but it was back to reality this week. I will probably work every day until Thanksgiving. With Christmas coming soon, the extra money will be nice.

2:12 PM Nov 8, 2012

Wilson: 'Back in the day my lunch was a feast'

Another week gone. The time is just flying. I've decided I'm not that crazy about exercise because it makes my whole body hurt.

2:17 PM Nov 1, 2012

I had a good week with my outdoor activities. Rode my bike a lot and got to walk the dog some. It sounds like that will be coming to an end with all cold weather that's coming. I'm glad I got the bulk of my weight loss in already because it's harder for me to exercise inside.

2:05 PM Oct 25, 2012

I got my results back from my visit to the doctor. My overall cholesterol is down, but my bad cholesterol is borderline high. How did that happen ? The blood work from my liver test was a little off. I have to retake that in a couple of weeks. I'm trying not to worry about it too much.