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Wilson: 'Back in the day my lunch was a feast'

Nov 8, 2012

Wilson: 'Back in the day my lunch was a feast'

Another week gone. The time is just flying. I've decided I'm not that crazy about exercise because it makes my whole body hurt.

Bike riding is the only activity I've found that, for the most part, is painless. Riding my stationary bike at home is a better workout than when I rode my bike outside. I can crank up the resistance and really get a good workout.
People at work want to know when I will eat in the breakroom again. I haven't eaten in there since July because I can't watch people eating junk food while I eat a protein bar and banana. Back in the day my lunch was a feast. The other guys would be jealous of my meals. I always had extra cookies or cupcakes to share. All my wife Linda makes for me now is sugar-free Jello.
I had my weigh-in this past week. I'm down 61 pounds!!! I've hit my goal but will continue with my diet and exercise to try to lose another 10 pounds. It won't be easy with Thanksgiving coming up. My daughter Heidi makes the best stuffing I ever ate.

After the first of the year my trainer Ken Cutcher at Anytime wants to change up my workouts to include heavier weights so that I can put on some muscle.
We had our monthly meeting at the Register on Nov. 3. Only one more meeting with the contest being over at the end of the year. FIT Challenger Keisa White has a birthday four days before mine. We've decided to eat at Red Lobster to celebrate our birthdays and the FIT Challenge. We both plan on eating whatever we want.