Wilson celebrates weight-loss with pizza party (what?!)

Oct 4, 2012

I'm excited about my monthly weigh-in. My numbers were great!! I'm doing better than expected. It looks like I'll lose more weight than I planned on.

I'm almost at my goal, and we still have three more months to go. I just have to be careful with the holidays coming up.

We celebrated with East of Chicago pizza . I have not even smelled a pizza in three months. I was in pizza heaven!!

I took the weekend off from exercise. I had so many aches and pains that my personal trainer Ken Cutcher of Anytime Fitness in Norwalk thought I was probably overdoing it a little. I had plenty of exercise at work this past week. A drum order came in. I unloaded 340 metal drums. Very aerobic.
And now I start all over. Diet and exercise, three workouts at Anytime. I've got a routine going. It seems to be working.




Very impressive keep up the good work!