Wilson's BMI is down to 33.5

Oct 11, 2012

After my “fat” day it was back to work. I lost my goal of 2 pounds this past week so I'm happy about that. It's getting colder outside and it's getting dark early so I've been riding my stationary bike while I watch sports on TV.

I'm still inspired to lose weight. I don't think about food as much as I did before the FIT Challenge. I'm eating a lot healthier than I ever did before.

The article in the newspaper about me did not put in my BMI. A Body Mass Index more than 30 is considered obese. Mine was 40 and it has dropped to 33.5. That's a pretty big deal!

We had our monthly meeting Oct. 6 at the Register. You can really see the difference in everyone’s appearance. We are all looking pretty darn good. The biggest complaint is that our clothes don't fit. I just bought some sweat pants for now until I see where I end up.

A good friend of mine just got a new bike. We plan to ride 30 miles. We will ride the bike path from Kipton to the other side of Oberlin and back. It's paved, which makes it easier to pedal.



I am so proud of you fellow ingot land buddy :-)