Meet FIT Challenge contestant Tim Rotsinger

FIT Staff
Jan 16, 2014

The reason for my desire to enter into the FIT program is multifaceted.

First of all, to be healthier. There are a few personal reasons as well.  My weight is 227 pounds and realistically should be around 180 to 190. 

Although it may not be an astronomical amount to have to lose, the benefits definitely outweigh the alternative. 

I have recently started taking blood pressure medicine.

I will turn 50 in January. My doctor tells me that with weight loss and good nutritional balance, I stand a good chance of not being on the medication. That is my goal. 

There are some hurdles ahead and not only my lifestyle to change, but the lifestyles of my wife and two children as well. 

Somewhat of a jokester, I have always looked at most things from the lighter side. No pun intended. 

Now, the punchline is pointed right at me, spotlights are on, and I am standing here looking like a deer in the headlights. I

f you are looking to promote a healthier community through fitness and good nutritional habits through training and educational awareness, I would be a suitable candidate. All I can ask for is an opportunity. 

Beside that, like your paper, my blog would be worth reading every day.