Exercise ball gets the best of Rotsinger

FIT Staff
Feb 14, 2014

This past week was interesting.

I made it to Bodi N Balance four days during the week.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday are my normal sessions with Trevor Tieche, my trainer.

On Feb. 4, I was introduced to Michelle. Michelle leads the boot camp workouts. The boot camp workout lasted for about an hour, but was pretty taxing in its own right.

I definitely feel the different muscle group soreness that Trevor has been having me work on.

I am pleasantly surprised to say that I am finding it easier to keep moving more and more without stopping. It is very evident on the elliptical during my warm-up before the training sessions.

If there is one thing that is frustrating me, it would be the exercise ball.

If you put a pair of drumsticks in my hand and sit me behind a set of drums, I have no problem with working hands against feet, but put that damned exercise ball in front of me, and all of a sudden, I have two left feet.

I truly appreciate the encouragement from Trevor and Michelle, and the well-wishers I meet at Bodi n Balance.

Their dedication has made a difference already and encouraged me push forward.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my story.

Good luck to all.

Keep your eyes on the prize. NO EXCUSES.