Rotsinger gets his sweat on at bootcamp

FIT Staff
Feb 28, 2014

Wow! What a week!

I am feeling stronger and stronger every day. I started running a little bit this past week on the treadmill.

I have not run in a long time and I remember starting out back then, too. Nothing has changed.

I can feel some of the benefits of my heart getting stronger.

I can do the warm-up of 20 minutes without being winded.

Trevor Tieche, my trainer at Bodi N Balance, has increased the weight on me and increased reps. It is now a little tougher to finish the sets again.

I have been trying to decrease the amount of time between sets and sometimes it is tough because some of these exercises really get your heart pumping.

I also have to correct something that I said the previous week. Melissa is the trainer for the boot camp workouts, not Michelle. Sorry Melissa.

For those of you channel surfing and seeing infomercials about boot camp workouts, you need to try the lower impact with Melissa. Five rounds will leave you stretched out, heart beating, and wearing a soaked shirt. 

Her three-station workout on Fridays is more intense and competitive, which really gets you moving. She pairs you up with others to make it a level-playing field, although it is fun.

I may be an older dude, but I enjoy the music that she plays, too.

Don't get the idea that this is "sweating to the oldies."

Till next time, keep pumping people. Don't let your weak side win. You are stronger. NO EXCUSES.



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