Rotsinger heads to Vegas with exercise plan in hand

FIT Staff
Mar 14, 2014

Three workouts during the past week plus one boot camp.

I was feeling a little defeated last week, but with my measurements and weight loss, I feel that progress is being made.

With having a goal of 50 pounds to lose, my persona trainer Trevor Tieche of Bodi N Balance has me on a plan that is accomplishing the goal and building muscle along the way.

Although the weight isn't flying off as it is for the other contestants, my track is spot on.

I was really amazed at the amount of body fat loss in comparison with the scale weight.

This week holds a different challenge for me. I am going on a little vacation to Vegas for five days. I have checked in with our hotel and they have a nice fitness room with ellipticals, treadmills, etc.

I have talked to Trevor and he would like me to do cardio for 40 minutes a day while gone.

Since there is a time difference, I plan on doing it in the morning, while my friend is sleeping off his hangover.

The cardio workout is apparently a good way to get rid of toxins, not that I will have any to get rid of.

As far as the rest of the program is concerned, I am learning to interchange other foods in the diet and to continue to eat more regularly.

I just had some blood work done and the change in one area in particular is very encouraging.

My blood pressure was 116 over 68, which made me do cartwheels on the way out of the office.

This is the point I wish everybody would see.

One month into a fitness program, and the health benefits are HUGE.

I ask for continued support and well wishes. Good luck to all contestants. No Chinese food, no frozen yogurt, no giving up......NO EXCUSES!