Rotsinger adds only 2 pounds of vacation weight

FIT Staff
Mar 28, 2014

First week back after vacation.

I had a light week for reasons beyond my control.

I cracked a tooth on the way to the airport in Vegas and had to rearrange my schedule for the week,and into next week because of dental appointments, although, I did manage to get in for cardio and a workout on separate occasions.

I missed Monday's workout because I had to get my tooth pulled. CRAP. 

OK, to sum up my vacation/ diet experience.

I did eat a lot healthier than most would have expected. Spicy tuna sushi seemed to be in order. I did indulge in some fantastic Mexican food.

On the hydration side......well.....I hydrated well and often with my favorite barley, hops and water.

Took the steps instead of escalators, walked a ton and felt great.

If laughter counted as a core workout, I did core 20 hours a day. What my friend didn't think of, I did.

I was glad to get back home to bring workouts back into my life. Never thought I'd say that, but I have so much to be thankful for. My trainer, Trevor Tieche, from Bodi N Balance kicked my butt March 21 and seemed to enjoy the experience.

I was able to run for longer periods on the treadmill this past week at a faster pace and that encouraged me, along with the fact that I did a no-no and weighed myself.

Sorry Trevor, inquiring minds wanted to know. I was surprised to see that the gain was minimal: less than 2 pounds.

As for my fellow FIT Challengers, I have traded laughter with Trina this past week, sent Edie a message and followed Scott through some of his trials via social media. Jen, I only hope that you have had no frozen yogurt. I will chat with you later.

I know that you folks read this and say, "Yeah, whatever," but we all are truly rooting for each other.

It is been an eye-opener for me up to this point and all I ask from everyone is encouragement and support.

Here is to another week of butt0kicking and sore muscles. Getting my bike tuned up this week. Anyone in? NO EXCUSES !