Fruit is the new candy in Rotsinger's house

FIT Staff
Apr 25, 2014

This past week was my week to start early in the morning.

Up at 0445 and leave the house by 0515. In the gym warming up for my workout by 0545.

Surprisingly, it has been great. I seem to have a little more energy for the day and I have been staying up later in the evening than I have been.

The hardest part for me is eating that early in the morning.

I have increased my running to 2 miles now.

The thing that I am finding there is little by little.

I went from 1.5 miles to 2 miles and there was a noticeable difference for me.

Maybe I should have taken the pace a little bit slower that last half mile at first, but I am getting somewhat used to the pace now.

Trevor Tieche, the owner of Bodi N Balance in Port Clinton, has increased my weight steadily for workouts and has no intention of slowing down.

There has been some fatigue associated with it and a little more soreness sometimes.

I finally was able to do Spartacus this past week. That is a major step for me. There was just no way that was happening before. I was so happy with myself because I  hate to be defeated personally.

As long as I give it the old college try, I am good, but I still hate to come away empty-handed.

On Easter there was no candy to be had anywhere in this house. That is because oranges, bananas, grapes, and apples are the new candy.

I just got done with my run and needed something. Looks like a nice big banana for me. I will have to skip my favorite, Reese's eggs. Damn.

I was able to be with my mom for dinner Saturday night and we made perch. Mom made some macaroni salad that was delicious. That was our traditional Good Friday dinner that had to be Saturday this year. Still to this day, nobody cooks fish like my dad. He was the best. We were close, but no cigar.

I know that Jen has been ill, Scott needs surgery, Trina is still truckin, and Edie is making progress.

I am back on track as well. I wish them all success and good health. Happy Easter or else!

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