Tim is overweight, but 'not that bad off'

FIT Staff
Feb 2, 2014
All of the trainers at Bodi N Balance are excited to be back in the FIT Challenge.
We have some new faces added to our ranks, along with our veterans.
We have some really good challenges in mind for this new group of FIT clients.
Tim Rotsinger has been selected to enjoy the Bodi N Balance experience like so many before him.
Former FIT Challenge contestant (and winner) Jacob Mohr actually lives right down the road from Tim and has already offered to help him out if he needs it.
This, of course, begs the question, “What are they all eating out there?”
From Tim’s beginning stats we can see that although he is overweight, he is not that bad off.
We made a goal to lose about 37 pounds in the next few months. He is the first competitor selected who does not have that much
to lose.
With this in mind, if he stays on track we plan on focusing on muscle growth after he meets his
weight-loss goal.  This has not yet been done in the FIT Challenge.
Tim is motivated and responded really well to his first session.
His wife, Janet, is also helping to keep him on track at home. This is so important for anyone trying to shed some pounds.
Without support at home, following a healthy nutrition plan is much more challenging.
Overall, we think Tim will take to our program without much problem, but we might have to teach an old dog a few new tricks.