Crosland realizes her trainer has her best interest in mind

FIT Staff
Feb 10, 2014

This past week has been interesting to say the least for me. Not that anything to overly exciting had happened, it was just interesting.

The most stressful thing that had happened was that a minor surgery I was scheduled to have Feb. 3, was canceled a few days prior due to reasons beyond my control. However, it's going to be rescheduled at a later date after the FIT Challenge is over.

With the sno storm that came in this week, Friday was the only day that I was able to work with my trainer, Ryan Rose of Health & Strength. During that time that I wasn't working with him, I was trying my hardest to do stay on track and being extra cautious about what I was eating and how long I was in the gym.

During this first month of the challenge, I have grown more open to trusting Ryan and his judgment about what needs to be done with our workouts and my dietary needs. It has been extremely hard for me to give up so much control of such an important aspect of my life to someone I've just met.

I was talking with my friend, Tammy, about my frustrations recently when I had finally got to the point I was in tears.  She had to remind me it was OK to give up control of this because Ryan is a professional and knows what he is doing. He has my best interest at heart. It really helped hearing my friend put it into perspective for me!

My time in the gym this past week was great. There was one day while there that two of my friends stopped by to be cheerleaders for me, which was very encouraging.

It has also been motivating knowing that my friend Casey had joined the same gym not long after the FIT Challenge started. He and I don't work out together, but it's been motivating because when he posts on Facebook that he is at the gym and I had not made it in yet that day, it forces me to go. Its keeping me accountable.

The best part of this past week was my weight loss. Despite the fact that I only got to work with Ryan one day, I had a terrific weight loss for the week. Plus, I had hit a major milestone, and finally got below a number on the scale that I had not seen in six years. So I was very happy to see that loss!

I wish Godspeed to the other contestants!