Crosland gets great advice: 'Don't get frustrated, get more determined'

FIT Staff
Mar 10, 2014

On my phone, I have the quote, "Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction." Author Unknown.

Every time I pick up my phone, I am reminded of the journey I am on and to keep pushing through and to not give up, even when it gets hard.

This past week has been a great week in and out of the gym.

My trainer, Ryan Rose at Health & Strength, is always finding new and creative ways to make me work out. He continues to make them hard just to see how far he can push me and how sore he can make me.

In all honesty, even when he has the puke buckets on stand-by at the treadmill or continues to push me each day, I do enjoy the intense workouts, even if I feel like I'm going to die. 

When they are all done, I normally always feel much better when I walk out of the gym. Getting all the stress, frustrations and negative energy out is a really good thing. 

One thing that is getting much, much easier for me is balancing my time management between the gym and work.

It was a little hard at first trying to figure out my meal plans and when to eat.

Ryan has me on an 1,800 calorie diet, eating five-seven times a day. It had been a struggle to eat small meals throughout the day, especially when it's not always convenient to throw something together.

This past week, I received an e-mail from a former manager of mine.

In the e-mail, he told me, "If you have setbacks, don't get frustrated, get more determined."

That is quite possible one of the best things I have heard from anybody on this FIT Challenge journey. There are going to be times it gets hard and we get frustrated when the results are not what we want.

However, the fact that each of the contestants and I took the first step to a healthier version of ourselves is a positive step.

The four others in the FIT Challenge are all amazing people and I am proud of the progress that they are making on their journey. I wish them all the best of luck in their journeys.