Crosland credits her trainer for saving her life

FIT Staff
Apr 28, 2014
Comfort zones! 
They are being wrapped up in a blanket by the fire on a cold winter's day. 
As nice as those moments are, there comes a time we know that we must get up and change our position and do something else.  
By participating in the FIT Challenge, it has brought me out of my comfort level more than I ever imagined. 
It has also provided me with the accountability that I very much needed in my life.  The FIT Challenge has been a tremendous blessing in my life.
Stepping out of my comfort zone and taking my weight-loss journey public was the step that was necessary for me to get healthy. 
This is not just a challenge for me, it is a life-changing journey. 
At this point in time, we are more than three months into this challenge.  (Really, we are half-way through already??)
Food is still a struggle for me at times.  It is a matter of overcoming all the temptations, cravings and peer pressure and reaching for the healthier options instead.  
Almost every Friday, the last thing that my trainer Ryan Rose of Health & Strength tells me at the end of our workouts is, "Make sure you eat good this weekend!" 
He also has to remind me how important it is for me not to skip meals.  I'm supposed to eat five to seven times a day.  There are days it is difficult to remember to eat that often, especially on busy days.  
Once a week I'm allowed to have cheat meal, where I can eat anything I want to, within reason. 
It is very hard for me to cheat.  The times that I want  to my friends remind me that this is a complete lifestyle change, not just a temporary trial period.  It is something I have to do for the rest of my life.
One day, I stopped by the Subway that's close to the gym to eat in between workouts. 
One of the ladies working had mentioned that she had seen my trainer and me in the paper. 
She had also told me that my trainer stops in often to grab something to eat. So, when ever I go in there now, she almost always starts to get my salad ready for me.  
One day, there was a new guy there working with her.  This guy had asked if I'd wanted croutons for my salad.  
She looked at him and laughed, and replied, "NO!  She does not want croutons. She is on a diet, and she and her trainer are in the paper.  She also does not want a pop or chips either."  
This lady, as well as the other employees at that Subway are why I like stopping there to eat.  They help keep me accountable for journey.  Though they don't know me well, they know my desire to get healthy.  
I do want to say, that I truly value the time, commitment and knowledge that Ryan has provided me during this challenge. 
I'll be forever grateful to him because he has been a key factor in saving my life. 
Yes, he is hard on me, and makes me do things I don't want. 
There are days I get frustrated and am in tears. 
However, I would not want him to go easy on me.  I would not want another trainer for this because I believe he is the best person for me to teach me a better, healthier ways.  
I'm also thankful and appreciative to the rest of the staff at Health & Strength and the other members. 
Thank you for allowing me to work out there! 
Bo, thank you for always being so kind and helpful! 
The other members of the gym, thank you for all your encouragement and support.  It truly touches my heart, and I'm humbled by it all. 


Though I am being forced out of old habits and my comfort zones, deep down I know that it is for the better.  Its making me a much better person, on so many levels.  I can honestly say that now, I am a completely different person than what I was just a few months ago.  


In signing off, I do want to wish Godspeed to my fellow contestants.  You are all amazing people and I am thankful to have met each of you.  Keep up the hard work.  In the end, it doesn't matter who has won, because we've all won our health back and a new lifestyle to pass on to others!