Crosland loses enough weight to give real hugs

FIT Staff
Jun 23, 2014

"The things you take for granted, someone else is praying for." Unknown

So often in life, we all take things for granted that we do on a daily basis.  

It is a lot of little things that truly do make the biggest difference in our lives. 

Oftentimes, we don't always realize how important they are until they are no longer part of our lives. 

Over the past several months since I began working with Ryan Rose, at Health & Strength, he has been stressing the importance of overcoming the mental aspect just as much as he stresses the importance of diet and exercise.  By conquering the mental part for me, the rest of it will only come natural and stay off.  

There are so many changes going on within my body right now that it is unbelievable. 

It truly is exciting to see my clothes getting to big on me.  Really, what female doesn't like to go shopping for new clothes? 

For me, it truly brings a whole new meaning to the old saying, "But I have nothing to wear" because I really don't have any clothes that fit me.

There are other things that are happening as well that I have noticed, both in and out of the gym. 

One day while working with Ryan in the gym, he was having me do ball slams.  This is where I would have to throw a medicine ball at the floor and bend down to pick it up and do it again without stopping.  

Back in January, I could barely do these.  Now, I can throw the ball and bend down to pick it up fast enough to catch the ball on its only bounce, only to stand up and do it all again.  We both realized what was happening and got excited about it, but we kept going with the workout.  

I know it seems like something so simple as to bend down and pick something up.  However, when you have not been able to do it for so long or you are reluctant to bend over because your afraid you can't get back up without help,  there is a problem.

It's nice to start seeing the progress and changes that are happening in my life. Even now, well before the FIT Challenge is over, I know that it has all been worth everything that Ryan and I have been through together. 

I told Ryan the other day, I knew it was worth it all when I didn't want to stop running on the treadmill when it was time to go home. 

Really, it was a shock to even me considering that two months ago, it was a struggle for us to get me to even run on the treadmill.

This past week, I got really emotional when I saw someone at work.  With certain people, I'm not afraid to let them see all sides of me, regardless of its my goofy side or if I'm crying about something.  When I saw Lisa, I gave her a hug because I had not seen her in awhile.  

I started to cry because I realized in that moment that I could hug her.  I mean really, hug her ... without my belly getting in the way. 

When you are so used to getting side hugs from people or half hugs, if you even get them at all, it is something that you just accept as part of your life. 

It was such a big moment for me because I love hugs and really missed being able to give those I care about a good hug.  

I've been told several times that Ryan and I were perfectly paired together and that it seemed like an act of God.  (Seriously, I would have to agree only because I prayed for the best trainer for the FIT Challenge.)  Ryan has been amazing to work with and easy to talk to.  

Yet, Ryan has also been bold enough to call me out on things when I hold back or have mental road blocks that hold our progress back. I'm grateful whole heartily for the time and commitment that Ryan and the gym has given me for my journey to wellness.