Pick a Pose- Ardha Chandrasana

FIT Staff
Sep 29, 2013
The half moon pose. A definite favorite of mine used to tone the legs and open the chest. I also find it calming because it takes focus and practice to continuously hold this pose. 
1. Stand in tadasana and move into trikonasana or triangle. 
2. Bend the front knee while coming onto the toes of the back leg. 
3. Walk the toes closer to the front leg while you reach your leading arm down to the ground (or block) bringing your torso parallel to the ground.
4. Straighten the front leg and lift the back leg up parallel to the ground. 
5. Raise your top arm, palm facing out, creating a line from your bottom hand to your top hand. 
6. To come out, gently bend the front knee and slowly lower the top leg to the ground. Return to trikonasana and finally to tadasana. Repeat on the opposite side. 
Having trouble balancing? No problem! We can all use a little help from our friends! In the photo, I have my foot balanced on the rock arch. You can also be completely flush with a wall. Practicing this pose with the entire body against a wall allows one to roll the top hip back, encouraging proper alignment. If you are not comfortable with your front arm extending all the way to the ground, place a block underneath. 
Hope you enjoy this pose as much as I do! 
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