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FIT Staff
Feb 24, 2013

Hello! My name is Jess and I am thrilled to be writing this blog. Thanks for stopping in to read- I hope you get something out of it, even if it is just an opportunity to cultivate your patience!
The practice of yoga is essential because it allows me to practice how to live my life safe and sound on a mat. I strive for balance in the world by keeping an open mind and can assure you any advice I dispel, I have tried myself. When it comes down to it, I'm not a guru sitting atop a mountain just a local human pretzel willing to share what has been shared with me along my journey.
I grew up an athlete, and while swimming in college, I suffered a back injury. This injury led me to reassess my lifestyle choices. Reassess my lifestyle, period. I focused on my physical well-being for so long that I neglected my mental and spiritual well-being. For me, these three components- physical, mental, and spiritual- make up a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

This brings us to a mainstay practice in my daily life. It is the practice of being present in my life. It is so easy some days to get get caught up in all the things I have to do later on, that I miss what I am doing at the moment. Perhaps I give half effort in my physical workout or only "sort of" listen to a friend vent a problem or grab the easiest meal in the freezer. These things have happened to us all, we are human. But if I allow these habits to become a lifestyle choice by worrying day after day about tomorrow, soon enough the days will blend together into one long anxious Groundhog day, and I will be living in a future I never get to experience.
Be present in what you are doing. Stay in the moment and focus on the situation at hand. Tomorrow will come soon enough- whether you worry about it or not. I invite you to begin a meditation practice or a quiet practice. Sit quietly every morning for five minutes. Set a timer if you need to! Just sit, in easy pose at first (cross legged) with a straight back, and try to 'clear' your mind. You may focus on your breath, your mind may race, your leg may fall asleep, heck, you may fall asleep. Do not to judge yourself. Just keep at it, day after day, and find what works for you. It is your practice after all.

Welcome to my little blog. Curl up and get cozy every Sunday as I share lessons and practices from my own journey.

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